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Church Music Solutions

Keep Singing... with the Substitute Organist Service

No organist?

The Substitute Organist Service (SOS) allows you to choose your music and have it played back on your organ or sound system.

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What others are saying about us…

“Having access to Church Music Solutions is such a blessing. Previously, we would have some spoken services and utilize recorded CDs. So often, members would indicate, “We should be singing this part of the liturgy.” Absolutely! That’s what we want! That’s the ideal! And…Church Music Solutions allowed us to do that.”

Rev. Ken Shaw

Gallatin, TN

“As the only organist in our small congregation, it has been problematic to schedule any time off. Qualified substitutes are very difficult to find and very expensive. With Church Music Solutions, I can easily order quality music for our church services and know that I can take a Sunday off without any worry.”

Jeanne Sewell, Organist

Chino, CA

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